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Survey of the Bible Class...

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We offer a Survey of the Bible Class on the third Sunday of the month, from 11:30 AM until 12:30 PM, in our Media/Meeting Room.  The class began with background information, an overview of the different genre's found in the bible, and a discussion of the different methods of biblical criticism.  From that starting point we dove into the bible.  The  class  will  go  on, year  after year, until we've reached the end, several

years from now.  Notes from the classes we have had so far are available here.  You can join the class at any time, and catch up through note review.  If you, or one of your children, are interested in Confirmation in the future, you will need to attend at least 24 of the Bible Survey classes in addition to our Confirmation classes.  email the church office (at if you have any questions.

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