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Sunday School

lego battle strategies.jpg

Our Sunday School year kicked off on Sunday, September 8, with a Whale of a Good Time for the kids down in Fellowship Hall, and a performance by Chasing Grace during services. 

Our current Sunday school project is learning the bible through Lego stories.  We are working on a whole bible diorama.  Check in on our progress from time to time!


Kids are welcome to bring friends to Sunday School.  Services start at 10:00 am, and kids will be dismissed for Sunday School after the children's sermon (about 10:20).  

Sunday school classes are currently not meeting.  Due to the difficulty of keeping children masked and socially distanced, we will not resume Sunday school classes again until the risk of disease transmission is sufficiently reduced.  Children are welcome to bring along a phone or tablet, and a set of headphones/earbuds, so that they can listen to a movie or read a book during the service.  If they do not have a phone or table to use, we have two that are available for use while they are at church.
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