"Faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains..."

      -Matthew 17:20                          

Meet our Pastor...


Rev. Rebecca Clancy (Pastor Becca) came to us in the fall of 2001.  At that time, she was fresh out of seminary, but felt like she had been a pastor all her life, having grown up the daughter of a UCC minister – the bible was in her blood. 

She holds a faculty position at Elmhurst College, where she teaches biblical theology.  She got her undergraduate degree from Smith College in Massachusetts, and her M. Div. from Chicago Theological Seminary, making her equal parts classical feminist and serious-minded academic theologian.  She is the editor of Clear and Definite Words, a book written by her father, Ronald Goetz, over the course of his academic career, as well as Academic Feminism and the Mainline Church: A House Divided

She is the mother of nine children, age 7 to 37, so there’s not much chance she won’t be able to sympathize with your parenting plight no matter what your kids’ ages.  Five of her children were adopted from China, giving her another layer of relatability to many of today’s parents.

Her interests include cycling and farm management (her family owns a farm in Wisconsin), and her disinterests include computers and any kind of baking or culinary pursuits.  Her recipe contribution to our cookbook was a set of directions to the nearest bakery...


Her sermons are always thought provoking and timely, making a four thousand year old book still applicable in today's world.

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