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Heartstrings on a Shoestring

Wedding planning with more of you and less of your wallet

The First Congregational Church of Geneva has a vested interest in the wedding industry in the Tri-City area.  We love love.  Love is the heart and soul of the church, and weddings are love multiplied.  We want to see you enjoy the wedding of your dreams, but we don't want to see you bankrupt yourself (or your parents) to have it.  That's why we started Heartstrings on a Shoestring.  To help you identify the most important parts of your dream, and see it come true on a DIY budget. Whether you have a boatload of artistic skills, or a thimbleful, we can help you put together a wedding you will never forget, and your friends and family will talk about forever.  With creative decorating, and style ideas, and an outside-the-box approach to weddings, we can be your one stop shop for executing your vision for your wedding day.  Not everyone has a million dollars to spend on a wedding, or even $20,000, but that doesn't mean your special day can't be magical.

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